How to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

Every successful marketer knows that Email Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective ways to skyrocket sales of the products or services online.

To generate an online sale there are so many ways to promote your product on services such as PPC, social media ads, influencer marketing, etc. 

But, email marketing is viewed as a method that generates the best return on investment when it comes to online marketing. Email marketing accounts for less than 25% of the sale.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone who uses email marketing in his/her marketing strategy will be able to produce such great ROI.

There are a few strategies and tools that make an email marketing campaign effective. In this article, I’ll acquaint you with these tools and strategies that will skyrocket sales and increase your ROI with the help of email marketing.

So, let’s get started.

Before we jump to the strategies part it’s important to understand why email marketing is so effective. Because without understanding why email marketing is so effective understanding the strategies will be easier.

Email marketing is such a great way to promote your product/services and skyrocket sales:

1. It’s cost-effective

When compared to other marketing channels email marketing is very cost-effective. For every dollar spend, you get $44 as an average return on investment.

2. Measurable

Open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc, can be checked through reports provided by your email marketing platform.

3. Can be automatized

It would be terrible if you’d have to send emails to every customer manually. Email marketing campaigns can be automized with the help of email marketing platforms to send them to targeted people at a certain time or in response to certain actions taken by your customers.

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How to skyrocket your sales and increase ROI with email marketing

The first and foremost thing to get started with email marketing is to collect emails from your customers.

This can be done through:

1. Website signup or subscription to the newsletter through a form

2. Purchases on your website will give you email addresses of your customers

3. An incentive to enter details on your WordPress form (Discount, cashback, etc.)

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For this to happen you must have a form and an email marketing platform integrated on your website.

I’ll guide you to the steps to integrate my preferred email marketing platform Active Campaign and form plugin WPForms on your WordPress website.

I’ll prefer Active campaign and WPForms because you can connect both of them to create a seamless email marketing system. 

By connecting Active campaign with WPForms you will be able to create a form with simple drag and drop in just a few clicks without a single line of code. 

You will also be able to ad subscription box on your website without logging into Active Campaign.

Steps to integrate Active Campaign into WPForms

Install and activate the WPForms plugin

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugin and then click on Add New.

2. Type WPForms in the search box.

3. Click Install and then Activate.

install and activate wpforms to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

4. On your WordPress dashboard click on WPForms and then on Add New.

add new wpforms to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

5. Now create a Newsletter form.

Activate Zapier addon

1. To integrate Active Campaign into WPForms you’ll have to activate Zapier addon. With Zapier addon you’ll be able to connect WPForms plugin to various web apps and Active campaign as well.

2. Log in to your Zapier account and click the Make a Zap button.

make a zap to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

3. Next, you’ll need to select WPForms as the Trigger App. 

choose trigger app zapier

4. Click the Save + Continue button to proceed.

wpforms trigger zapier

5. Click the Connect an Account button to connect Zapier to WPForms on your website. 

connect wpforms with zapier

6. add your API Key and click the Yes, Continue button.

wpforms zapier API key

Connect WPForms to your Active Campaign account

1. Choose the Newsletter Signup Form you have created earlier.

newsletter signup form wpforms

2. Next, choose the Active Campaign as your action app.

activecampaign to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

3. Select an Active Campaign action

active campaign

4. Now connect your Active Campaign account to Zapier. Click Connect an Account.

activecampaign and zapier

5. Now you’ll be asked to set up Active Campaign contact to do that connect each newsletter form field you just created with WPForms to the appropriate Active Campaign field.

setup Active Campaign contact to skyrocket sales through Email Marketing

Voila, we are done! Now anytime a customer fills out your form, he/she will be added as a new contact in your Active Campaign database.

Strategy for using email marketing to generate sales and repeat business

After collecting emails the next step is to create a strategy for using email marketing to generate sales and repeat business.

Organize your customers into various categories such as purchasing once, purchasing multiple times, or visiting without purchasing to create targeted and relevant campaigns for them.

Some of the email campaigns that drive sales are:

1. Welcome emails 

whenever someone signs up for your email list. Provide relevant incentives so he/she makes a purchase.

2. Customer campaigns 

Customer campaigns that are customized for users with a specific behavior (purchasing once, purchasing multiple times, or visiting without purchasing).

For example-

  • Send loyalty rewards to your frequent buyers.
  • To dormant buyers send the latest deals and discounts to motivate them to make a purchase.

3. Confirmation of purchase Campaigns 

Automate email conformation of resenting sale that is generated through your website. Here showcase related items as well as frequently purchased together items to upsell.

 4. Prospects Campaigns 

Campaign for potential customers to familiarize them with your brand and generate interest for your product.

5. Referrals campaigns 

In exchange for an offer, you can ask your loyal customers to refer you to their friends and family.

Key to the email marketing success

The key to email marketing success lies in the email list. The efforts should be focused on creating a massive list. Then organizing them according to customer’s behavior to send customized emails to skyrocket the sale and get the best ROI.

The other important factors that will determine your success in email marketing are – Timing content, tone, email design, frequency and discounts/offers. Measuring the success of the campaign and tweaking them if required form time to time will give you the best results. 

If you have any further questions regarding email marketing, WPForms or ActiveCampaign reach me at

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