Get More Email Subscribers by Applying These 11 Easy Ways

Get More Email Subscribers

Do you want to get more email subscribers? Do you want to learn ways to get and retain email subscribers?

More email subscribers lead to more website traffic and more revenue, and that is the reason bloggers, businesses, and e-commerce stores live and die by their email marketing.

As they say, “The money’s in the list” because your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your business.

But what if you are new to all this, your website is relatively new, and you are not that tech-savvy? And email marketing makes absolutely no sense to you because you have a small or no email list, to begin with.

There are some easy ways to get email subscribers for your website.

But keep in mind you don’t want everyone on your mailing list. The reason being, hundreds or thousands of uninterested people who are just after free downloads won’t help you in the long run.

Your business requires an email list that converts your prospects into customers, seeing as average email marketing’s ROI is an astounding 4400%. 

This means that, when businesses spend 1 dollar, they make 44 dollars from their email marketing campaigns.

But you need a smart and effective strategy to achieve that and to grow your list continuously and keep engagement rates even higher.

So, how to do it?

Here are 11 easy ways to get more email subscribers that convert:

1. Use Lead Magnets

The most effective way to grow your email list fast is by leveraging a lead magnet.

Why would anyone want to subscribe to your email list? You have to give your website visitors a strong reason to subscribe.

What’s a lead magnet?

It is something that you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. With lead magnets, we can follow-up with someone who is either ready to make a purchase decision or who is likely to make one in the future.

Lead magnets can include – checklist PDFs, eBooks, templates, resource lists, Infographics, free webinars, and way more.

You have to make sure Just make sure that your lead magnet is helpful, relevant, instantly available, and solves a problem. 

To build a strong email list, it’s essential to focus less on getting and more about giving.

Understand what it is your target customers really want, and give it to them. Try testing a few different types of lead magnets and seeing which ones perform best.

Here is an example of how Hubspot get more email subscribers with lead magnets-

lead magnet to Get More Email Subscribers

2. Position Your Registration Box At The Right Places

The placement of your email registration box can make a huge difference.

Some websites tend to add this to the sidebar on the top or bottom, some between the main content of the page.

It’s great to ask them to subscribe to multiple places on the website. Also, ask people to subscribe to your mailing link on social media (YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

People love to communicate on social networks, so you can invite your social media followers to subscribe to your email newsletter. This can be done by creating a dedicated landing page for those followers.

3. Add an Exit-Intent Popup

Do you know that over 70% of your website visitors leave and never come back to your website again!

That’s a lot of potential customers and income. But you can convert a lot of these abandoning visitors into email subscribers by using an Exit-Intent Popup.

exit popup to Get More Email Subscribers

The Exit-Intent® Technology recognizes user behavior and pop-up form when they’re about to leave your website. Isn’t it cool?

I know people don’t want to “annoy” their website visitors with a pop-up. But the reason so many websites use exit pop-up forms is due to their high effectiveness.

4. Use Emotional Trigger Words That Persuades Action

8 out of 10 people only read the headlines, and only 2 people read the content.

This means if you don’t create great headlines that contain emotional trigger words, most people simply will ignore your subscription form.

Therefore, it’s essential to use trigger words that spark curiosity and trust to persuade readers to become subscribers. Just by creating a simple sign up form won’t get you the number of subscribers you want.

Some examples of emotional trigger words are:

You – Instantly establish a personal connection with your audience

Limited period – Leverage the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Stop right there– Instantly catch the attention

How – People are always interested in learning

Instantly – Everyone loves the quickness

New – People like new stuff

Now – Create an urgency

5. Activate Mobile Opt-ins

Mobile phones are changing the world. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone with them, and they are regularly communicating and looking for information.

If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly yet, you should because the majority of users coming to your website are accessing it through their mobile device.

And, also the fact that from 2015, the mobile-friendliness of a website became another ranking factor on Google. So, it’s to create subscription forms that are mobile-friendly too.

How to Create a Mobile Optin with OptinMonster

Optin Monster’s Mobile Campaigns let you create mobile-specific campaigns to help you get more people on their mobile phones to sign up for your email list. It has an Inactivity Sensor — which triggers a popup when visitors have stopped interacting to re-engage them.

6. Keep It Simple

The most common reason why people don’t subscribe to a website is that they don’t want to give a lot of information about them.

People are more willing to just type their email address instead of giving you their name or telephone number or company name. Keep it short and sweet to get more email subscribers.

simple signup form to More Email Subscribers

Stick to the bare essentials and only ask for the information you need like name and email address; that’s it. The goal should be to minimize the clicks it takes to subscribe.

If you think about it, in the majority of the cases, you only need their email address and their name.

You can later get other information by connecting and building a relationship with them through email.

7. Link The Campaign In Your Social Media Bio

What information do you have on Twitter bio or Instagram bio and on your Facebook page?

Your occupation? Your current location? Or perhaps a quote?
Why not use the bio to promote your email list?

It’s an effortless yet very effective way to get more email subscribers. Post link magnets on the bio section and wait for the magic to happen

8. Add a “Thanks for Commenting” Redirect

If your website is on WordPress, install the plugin Yoast Comment Hacks.

This plugin will redirects to a “thank you” page whenever someone leaves you a comment for the very first time on your website.

Check out these step-by-step instructions here

When you ask readers to subscribe when they have engaged, the odds of them subscribing to your website are pretty good. 

yoast comment hacks

Also, check20 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

9. Follow the Content Upgrade Method

This method is a relatively new way to get more email subscribers, but Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, was able to increase his email subscriptions by more than 700% by using this method.

Here how it works:

The technique works like this:

1 Identify the high traffic pages on your site.

2 – Create a resource for your blog readers that will complement your article. And help in better understanding the topic. (Refer the image below for example)

3 – Add that resource to the high traffic pages and be ready to get more email subscribers.

Get More Email Subscribers with Content Upgrade Method

You must also try InLine downloads to get your blog readers to subscribe to your website. InLine downloads are like an opt-in box that appears between the content of your blog post.

10. Engage Your Visitors with “Spin-to-Win”

Sign up forms doesn’t have to be dull and boring. In fact, Spin to win is of the new and stylish opt-in forms that not many websites have tried it yet!

The main objective of Spin-to-win sign up forms is to gamify the whole experience for the users.

When users spin the wheel, the signup form will automatically send them rewards and freebies in their Email inbox.

This way, you send them lead magnet, and you get their email address in return.

Niel Patel, one of the biggest names in Internet marketing, uses Spin to Win in his website

neil patel subscription form

11. Run Giveaways

When you run a giveaway contest, a user is required to sign up for your email list to take part in your contest. 

People will happily become your subscribers for a chance to win the contest.

RafflePress is the best giveaway and contest plugin on WordPress

Giveaway contests are one of the most prominent ways to get more email subscribers to your business online.

Last word:

It’s imperative to respect people’s emails once you have them if you want to retain your subscribers.

While there’s no rule on how often you should email your list, you should be considerate of their time.

If you send several emails in one day, you’re likely to come off as spammy and annoying, and you’ll be unsubscribed, and I’m sure nobody wants that.

You now have a list of things that you can try and get more email subscribers and increase your sales.

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