How to Create a Perfect WordPress Blog In 2020

Create a perfect WordPress blog

So, you have decided to start a blog in 2020. In this article, I’m going to give you a step-by-step process to create a perfect WordPress blog.

First of all, to start blogging, we need a platform where we can post our blog. 

You have to be careful while picking the right blogging platform. I’ve been blogging for the last few years, and I’ve tried almost all top blogging content management platforms. 

With my personal experience, I would suggest you begin your blogging journey with WordPress, not with Blogspot.

To create a perfect blog, choosing the right content management system (CMS) is very critical before starting anything.

Why should you choose WordPress to create a perfect blog?

As a newbie, you need help and support, and on the WordPress support forum, you’ll get answers to almost every problem you could face while blogging.

WordPress includes thousands of themes (paid as well as free).

You can choose a theme that suits your blog the best.

It also has plugins that are very helpful in creating your perfect blog.

WordPress is SEO friendly, customizable, and monetizable than BlogSpot.

In addition to this, According to W3Techs, WordPress powers approx. 35% of all the websites on the Internet in 2019.

WordPress holds a 60% market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS, and it’s market share still growing. This means WordPress is a well trusted and appreciated blogging platform.

WordPress’s comparison to the market share of other popular content management systems

  % All Websites   % CMS Market  
WordPress 34   60  
Joomla   2.9   5.2  
Drupal   1.9   3.4  
Squarespace   1.5   2.7  
Wix   1.1   1.9

Why you should start blogging?

Creating your own presence on any internet platform is a must in today’s digital age. There are many reasons why starting a blog is one of the best ways to showcase your online presence.

Another way is to have a social media presence, but almost everyone has that now. Right?

There can be many other reasons for blogging. For me, I wanted to share my experience and try to make extra money.

I also wanted to start a blog to share my creativity, interact with people, and document my journey.

If you are really passionate about something and want to share your enthusiasm with people who have a similar passion, blogging is a great way to start!

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a perfect WordPress blog:

Find A Niche For Your Blog

You gotta find a niche! Unless you are well funded it’s very hard to compete with sites like Huffington Post and Business Insider, Entrepreneur, etc.

You gotta find a niche! Unless you are well funded, without a niche, it’s tough to compete with sites like Huffington Post and Business Insider, Entrepreneur, etc.

Finding the right niche is the basic building block and the most crucial part of creating a blog that is often overlooked by most bloggers.

You have to cautious while picking a niche; if there is too much competition in that niche, your blog will get knocked down by high authority websites.

If you pick a niche with no demand, your blog barely will able to achieve the audience you wanted.

A niche must be in the sweet spot that is not too competitive and comparatively popular.

You must also make sure you choose a niche that can be monetized easily.

Tips on how to pick your perfect blog niche

To create a perfect WordPress blog, here are some tips for choosing a niche:

Understand your interests  

it’s crucial that you like to communicate or write about the niche; otherwise, you’ll get bored and tired after some time and run out of materials to write.

Starting a blog is a delightful process. It’s like opening your own store or an eatery you always wanted to own.

But, most people give up blogging after 2-3 months or even in weeks because they often lose interest in it. So, pick a niche you would love to read, learn, and write about.

Do some research on your niche

When trying to find a niche, use Google Trends.

Research what kind of posts blogs in the niche people are posting so you feel comfortable with writing stuff related to that niche?

Is there high or low competition? And what are some relevant keywords for that niche? 

Analyze your competitors within that niche. Search a topic related to that niche on Google and see how many search results appear for that particular topic.

Make sure that there’s a valuable and significant market for the niche of your choice.

Avoid broad niches, try to pick micro niches

By broad niche, I mean like Technology or Business or Marketing.

If you want to choose the technology niche, choose, for example, technological equipment, not the whole technology.

If you want to choose marketing to choose online marketing. 

You can further choose sub-niche of online marketing like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Try to pick narrower niches with more limited completion and medium popularity.

Potential of monetization

Most people blog just to express themselves as a hobby; they ignore the monetization aspect of their blog.

Some bloggers are making a living by blogging and are financially independent, and they are living their dream lives. 

They travel, spend time with their family; they even have time for their other hobbies or passion.

I don’t know which category you want to be in. All I know it wouldn’t hurt to make some income from your blog.

Do you want to know how to make money with your blog?

Research the following to know if a niche can be monetized:

Examine if there are websites that sell information or products related to your niche? 

Check if there are promoters in your niche? 

Are there affiliate propositions in your niche? You can find affiliate programs on various affiliate networks like,, and and Amazon Affiliate.

To find that Google search for your keyword with the word “affiliate” or “affiliate program.”

After the validation process given above, you will be in the position to choose a perfect niche for your blog. 

You’d know if a niche is of the right size with decent competition and monetization potential or not.

Now make a list of your chosen niches. 

If you have narrowed it down to one niche, then you’re good to go and can start the process of building your blog by picking the right name.

Pick A Name For Your Blog And Buy A Domain Name With The Best Deal.

When someone is starting a blog from scratch, two things are required- A Domain Name and a Web Hosting.

Simply put, a domain name is your blog’s unique URL. For example, mine is 

After you pick a domain name, the next thing you need is web hosting. 

We’ll talk about it in detail later. For now, just understand this Web hosting is like your house, and a Domain name is your home address. Both are required to create any website.

Before choosing a domain name for your blog, you have to decide whether you want to go with a name that can be pushed as a brand or a keyword included domain name.

A keyword domain name includes keywords of your selected niche. For example, In this blog, I give tips for digital growth, so I’ve used ‘digital’ and ‘growth’ the two keywords in my domain name.

If you use the name of a country, say ‘digitalgrowthINDIA dot com,’ or some people may use the name of the language like ‘Recipes-in-HINDI dotcom.’

Remember, these types of domains will restrict you to content only to a particular country or language.

These are excellent if your targeting audience is from a particular country or speak a specific language.

Critical components of a good Domain Name?

Some common characteristics that make a domain name more convenient for you to use and more comfortable for your audience to remember.

A perfect domain name for a blog must be Meaningful, Accessible, Protectable, Visual, and Distinctive.

Some Tips:

Choose a .com over others. The type of domains are easier to remember and are less confusing. You can also choose.IN if you want to only target or .AU if Australia.

The type of domains are easier to remember and are less confusing. You can also choose.IN if you want to only target or .AU if Australia.

Note: if you choose.IN domain, it doesn’t mean your website won’t show to the rest of the world.

It should be 2-3 words joined together because mostly a single-word domain is already taken.

Use keywords that define your blog in your domain name. It helps search engines to identify what your blog is about and would be suitable for your SEO.

Avoid using numbers and hyphens. It’s not easy to remember and complicate things.

Use catchy and trendy words. It makes your blog name stand out.

For personal branding, use your own name as your domain like, for example, my other website

Best Hosting Provider To Start Your Blog (Check the Discount Coupon)

I have three sites, and two of them, and, are hosted on Siteground.

Let me tell you this, picking an appropriate hosting provider is a very tedious and complicated process.

After spending hours and hours on research and analysis, my choices have come down to Bluehost, Hostgator, and SiteGround.

There are only three hosting that WordPress officially suggests – You can check them here –

create a blog bullet arrow SiteGround

create a blog bullet arrow Bluehost

create a blog bullet arrow Dreamhost

Create a perfect WordPress blog choose hosting

Dreamhost is not very popular here in India, and I am not a big fan of EIG-owned hosting companies; therefore, I didn’t choose BlueHost as well.

So I chose Siteground Hosting!!

Am I happy with my Siteground hosting?

Check my full Siteground review Here – SiteGround Review: (Plans, Pricing, Ratings, Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons)

Here is my short review:

Well, to tell you the truth, choosing Siteground was the best decision I have ever made. 

I have also used other web hosting services such as Hostgator and Godaddy, and you can clearly feel the difference in performance, speed, uptime, and customer support.

Some great features of Siteground which make it better than the rest:
  • Brilliant customer support (live chat, ticket or call)
  • 99.99% Uptime 
  • Can be updated to PHP 7.3 
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SSD storage
  • Free migration
  • Daily website backup 
  • Super-cacher technology, and much more.

Responsive technical support is vital to create a perfect WordPress blog.

Your website will have issues, and you want a super-fast support system that saves you time. So, you can focus solely on creating blog posts.

And the best part is, you’ll get all these cool features and excellent service at only $3.95/month (less than Rs.299 per month)

The great thing is SiteGround offers 30-day money-back guarantee

Step-by-Step Process to Buy the Domain Name and Hosting to Create a Perfect WordPress Blog:

Steps to buy the Domain Name

1. First, let’s get a Domain name you’ve selected. Visit Bigrock or GoDaddy; you can also purchase it from NameCheap. Let’s say we choose GoDaddy.

2. Now, go to GoDaddy domain name suggestion

3. Type your selected domain name with .com or .in and see if it’s available – if it does, then add to cart.

4. Now it will ask you to sign up.

5. Sign up and then click on continue to cart

6. Click on proceed to check out and buy the domain

Steps to purchase the Hosting

1. Visit the SiteGround site (This is a unique promo link) and select a plan

2. Click on Web Hosting (I recommend not to choose managed WordPress hosting)

3. Select a plan you want to purchase. I would recommend you to go with either Growbig plan or GoGreek plan (Most people go with GrowBig)Now click on get started.

Siteground plans to Create a perfect WordPress blog

4. Then click – ‘I already have a domain’ and enter your registered domain, which you bought from Godaddy.

siteground domain registration

5. Next, enter your details.

siteground review

6. Choose the location closest to you if you are in Asia pick Singapore. And then, select the period, for how many months you want to get the hosting (I’ll suggest you buy for 36 months or at least 24 months to get the best deal)

pay now siteground

Note: Deselect all the extra services that you don’t require.

7. Review & complete the payment

siteground payment information

Now, after a few minutes, check your email for the necessary details of your account.

Next, log into your SiteGround account and move on to the next step:

WordPress Set-up => Steps to Install WordPress on Cpanel

1. Log into your SiteGround account, then you’ll see a screen similar to this: Click on ‘Don’t need help now and then click ‘Confirm’

Siteground setup

2. Now confirm ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on ‘Complete setup’

3. Now comes the critical part. Nameserver change process. Login to your Godaddy account or wherever you registered your domain. Click on ‘DNS.’ Then click on ‘change’ under Nameserver, as given below.

Siteground setup 2
DNS nameserver change

4. Click on custom nameservers and enter the nameservers you have received by Siteground on your email account or go to Siteground click on ‘My Account’ and then copy the ‘Account DNS.’

Siteground CPANEL

Note: Nameservers typically take up to 24hrs to change.

5. After Nameserver is changed, login to your Siteground dashboard again and go to ‘My Account.’ Click on Cpanel.

Siteground setup 3
Siteground setup CPANEL

6. Your CPanel dashboard will look like the image given below, find the WordPress icon and click it.

Siteground wordpress setup

7. Click on ‘Install Now’ and then enter your website details. Then again, click ‘Install.’

wordpress install

8. WordPress will be installed in your new blog. Now click on the ‘Administrative URL of your website.’

wordpress admin

9. Your ‘Administrative URL’ will take you to your WordPress Dashboard which will look something like this

wordpress dashboard

10. Your website will look like this

Create a perfect WordPress blog

This is it!

You have successfully set up your blog website.

You can manage your website through your WordPress dashboard.

Note: Your Administrative URL is your WordPress dashboard URL.

Now that your website is ready,

Go to the dashboard, find Post option on the left sidebar and then click on Add New and start producing great content.

Remember, to create a perfect WordPress blog, it requires consistency and patience.

You need to publish posts frequently and should not forget to update your existing content.

If you face any issue or have any confusion regarding the above steps-

Drop an email at or contact me via various Social media details given on my contact page.

Share your views about this post in the comments section.

Do share this article with your friends and help them create a perfect WordPress blog.

I hope you’ll find this article helpful. Cheers!

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